Blacklisted Finance

Blacklisted or Bad Credit? Rent to own your next vehicle of any value up R 120 000. Vehicles exceeding R 120 000 can also be considered with additional deposit.

Blacklisted Finance

Service suspended until further notice

Estimates: R 20 000 - R40 000

Estimates: R 50 000 - R70 000

Estimates: R 80 000 - R100 000

Estimates: R110 000 - R120 000

The rent-to-own service is delivered in partnership with Planet42 (formerly CarGet).Planet42 is a rent-to-buy vehicle finance provider for cars with retail values of up to R120,000. There are no restrictions on the age of the vehicle.

Planet42 buys the car from OPS Cars and rents it to you. You drive the car and make monthly payments to Planet42, but OPS Cars facilitates the whole process for you.

  1. Select a vehicle available on Rent to Own above.
  2. Apply for finance by clicking/tapping on the “Apply for Rent to Own” button you will find on the selected vehicle page.
  3. Your application will be assessed and the results of your application will be communicated
  4. Additional documentation may be requested at this point.

The monthly rental already includes comprehensive insurance, a tracker device and a 6-month motor warranty.

You have the option to buy out the car at any time for the buy-out price, which decreases every month. After 5 years the buy-out price is R5 000.

Yes, absolutely, provided you can afford the monthly installments. You simply follow the application process like any other client and select the Rent-to-Own finance.

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Thank you for visiting OPS Cars. Due to the extreme influx of requests for blacklisted finance cars, this service has been suspended until further notice.

Only traditional Bank Finance and Cash transactions will be accepted at present.