How does the rent-to-own purchase work?

  1. Find the vehicle you would ideally like to buy in our online used vehicle showroom 
  2. Apply for finance via our online finance application page
  3. Upload your supporting documents
  4. We will assess your application and communicate the results
  5. Once you have qualified we will also arrange affordable insurance for you (compulsory)

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, 30% deposit of the value of the vehicle you a purchasing is required.

Can people who are blacklisted apply and qualify?

Yes, absolutely, provided you can afford the monthly installments. You simply follow the application process like any other client and select the Rent-to-Own option in the application form

What about the interest rate?

Interest rate is fixed at 18% per annum

How long before I own the vehicle?

The term to own the vehicle is 48 months. Once you have paid your final installment we will register the vehicle in your name and you will receive the ownership papers.

Can I arrange my own insurance?

No, the monthly insurance premium will be included in your monthly installments. Besides, we will get you preferential rates with a premium that suits your pocket.