Johannesburg – It’s been a tough few months for most South Africans, with the Covid-19 lockdown having all but ravaged the economy, but if there has been one silver lining it’s lower fuel prices.

Following April’s petrol price decreases of between R1.76 and R1.88 a litre, May 6 will see another massive plunge, with both grades of petrol falling by R1.74 a litre and diesel by R1.56.

This means a litre of 95 Unleaded petrol now costs R11.52 at the coast and R12.22 inland, where the more sensible 93 Unleaded option is now listed at R12.02.

With Level 4 lockdown restrictions now allowing more movement, depending on how essential your vocation is deemed, more motorists will be feeling the benefits of these decreases.

But how much exactly will you save on a tank?

*This article first appeared on IOL Motoring