Although it has yet to be confirmed for the South African market, it appears that Ford’s upcoming compact bakkie is already a hit with local bakkie fans, with our previous news updates having consistently shot to the top of our ‘most read’ table.

Last week we reported that the newcomer is expected to have a rugged design that takes inspiration from the Ranger and upcoming Bronco Sport, and now it appears that the vehicle has a name: Maverick.

This is according to what is said to be a leaked image that recently appeared on the TFL Truck website. It shows a 3D rendering of a bakkie tailgate with ‘Maverick’ lettering along the lower section (see video below).

Ford previously used the Maverick name on a US market sedan in the 1970s and then on a badge-engineered Nissan Terrano SUV in Europe in the ’90s.

If the Maverick name is used for the new bakkie, it’s certainly a better designation than Courier, which had been previously touted.

*This article first appeared on IOL Motoring